Handcrafted Wooden Toys for Kids

A Summer Afternoon in Fort Collins, Colorado, specializes in eco-friendly, handcrafted wooden toys to aid in a child’s crucial initial development while giving them fun, nurturing and safe playtime. All products are natural wood toys made with non-toxic materials and no harmful paints, treatments or other additives and ship to any family in the nation.

All custom wood toys, wooden baby toys, wood block sets, wooden alphabet blocks and other items are unique, original works designed to nurture a child’s development and withstand many years of active playtime. Solid cherry and walnut hardwoods with beeswax finishes give each child a strong, all-natural toy, teething ring or rattle they can safely scoot, shake, throw, bite or suck on without worrying about the harmful byproducts of plastics and paints. A Summer Afternoon gives children fun, enriching learning and playtime while parents support natural, eco-friendly materials, practices and USA-made products.

Give your child a unique, cherished toy while supporting a future of conservation with A Summer Afternoon educational wooden toys for kids.


Featured Products

Organic Walnut Scooter Toy


5 Available

Hardwood Workbench and Tools - Cherry


3 Available

Organic Walnut Counting Rattle


1 Available
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